„EL company d.o.o.“, a private owned company, has been founded in 2015.  After a trial period, the company presents itself to the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2016. Not long after that, EL company also starts to export goods outside of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In the very beginning, “EL Company” produced and developed products from the garden range and the range close to garden landscaping. Advancing in the business, “EL Company d.o.o.”, shifts the focus of its activities to “DIY” furniture such as folding table legs, folding shelves, multipurpose furniture etc. In cooperation with partners from the EU market, “EL Company” begins to develop and produce furniture for pets such as dog kennels, chicken coops, pet gates and other.

Currently, “EL Company” also operates in designing products for its own purposes as well as a service, among which the exhibition furniture stands out, such as shelves and luxury tables, adapting the product to the possibilities of mass production.

Since 2020, “EL Company” has been working exclusively on the principle of B2B business, cooperating with wholesalers who further distribute goods to the end user through various channels.

All employees, currently over 40 of them, are constantly working to improve production capacity and quality, making “EL Company” a desirable partner and employer.