Types of wood used for making furniture

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Types of wood used for making furniture

While interior design trends change frequently, hardwood furniture is timeless. In comparison to other materials, wood furniture is robust, durable, and requires little care. However, various types of wood are used to create furniture for Indian houses. As a result, while purchasing furniture, one should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of various types of wood and the care that owners must take to maintain it.

Teak wood
Teak wood is one of the most often utilized forms of wood that is readily available locally. Additionally, some manufacturers source teak wood from Burma and Ghana. Kerala is one of the largest suppliers of teak wood in India. It is extremely robust and durable, and is frequently used to construct door frames, cabinets, and tables. Teak wood is naturally decay-resistant and outlasts all other forms of wood. Due to the fact that it is a strong wood, it can also survive extreme heat and cold, making it ideal for outdoor furniture.

Satin wood
Satin wood is used to create vintage-style furniture and objects. It is a cost-effective substance that is readily available in central and southern Indian states. Satin wood, on the other hand, demands routine upkeep. Satin wood furniture is very tough and lasting, and several types of polish can be used to get the appropriate style or finish. Satin wood furniture typically has an extremely shiny appearance due to its variable grain. Typically, satin wood furniture is a bright yellow hue with warm tones.

Wood from white cedar
Additionally referred to as Marandi, it is an excellent veneer for light-weight furniture such as display shelves, trunks, and even ornamental objects. Because this sort of wood requires little upkeep, it is best suited for objects that are not frequently used. White cedar wood is primarily sourced from Malaysia and requires a month of conditioning before use. Due to its soft nature, it is utilized to construct the internal components of sofas and dining chairs, which are then upholstered. It is a reasonably priced wood that looks wonderful and performs admirably in terms of strength and load bearing capacity.

Sal wood
Sal wood is a premium grade of wood that is used for furniture and building. Sal wood is a type of wood that does not require multiple coats of polishing to maintain its durability. It is resistant to moisture and underground damp environments. Sal wood furniture is resistant to termites and is frequently used to construct door frames, staircases, and beams. Typically, sal wood is found in Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh.

Rosewood from India
Also known as Sheesham, Indian rosewood is a popular choice for furniture construction. Additionally, it is a durable wood that can be polished and finished in a variety of ways. While rosewood is the most expensive wood available in India, it is widely preferred for its termite-resistant properties, durability, and adaptability. Rosewood is a versatile wood that may be used to create kitchen cabinets, sofas, and even wooden flooring. Sheesham, which is mostly found in south India, is often utilized in musical instruments.